Professional Training

E.B.I Certification

State-Approved Course for Administering Compassionate & Humane Death

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This EBI class is a 16 hour required course for certification in Ohio (and many states). Regulations change on a periodic basis, so we suggest you confirm with your state’s regulatory agency. To receive certification students must be present during all portions of the 16 hour course and pass a written exam showing competence in the process.


This state-approved course is a hands-on training, not a lecture, which includes a lab during which animals may be euthanized (depending on availability). Students have the opportunity to both observe and participate, however; no trainee euthanizes an animal in this class.


The instructor is a retired Physician Assistant who has worked in animal care and welfare since 1985. The course reflects these decades of hands-on experience and expertise. Instruction is adjusted for all species depending on the needs of the attendees.

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