Equine Surrender

By Appointment

(419) 294-4477 


Steps to Surrender an Equine

Appointments are required. We never turn an equine away for any reason including age, health or physical condition. You may schedule a tour of our farm prior to surrendering.

1.   Schedule an appointment. 


2.   Complete paperwork.


3.   Appointment Day


4.   Guests are welcome to request a tour of our farm before departing!


Will you still take my equine if they’re very old / injured / sick / skinny / dangerous / mean / un-rideable or if they bite / kick / have overgrown hooves?


Will I get in trouble or face consequences if my equine is in poor condition, skinny, injured or in poor health?


Will you pick up the equine I’d like to surrender?


Will my equine live out their life at your rescue? 


Will I be notified if my surrendered equine is going to be euthanized?

Can I have the name/phone number of my equine’s new owner?


Will my equine end up at auction or slaughter after being leased from WCER?


Will you keep my equine on their medications or supplements?


Can I request updates on my equine?


My equine is retired from riding. Will they find a home as a pasture pet?


My equine is injured or lame. Will they find a home as a pasture pet?


When I’m in a better place financially am I eligible to “re-adopt” my surrendered equine?


Can I adopt an equine even though I’ve surrendered one?