Small Animal Surrenders

Upper Sandusky, OH

(419) 294-4477

For confirmed surrenders we are open daily from 10AM-3PM. Call (419) 294-4477 before bringing any animals.

Sadly, we aren't able to accept dogs or cats from outside Wyandot County. All other species (non-dogs/cats) are welcome from anywhere. 

Equine Surrenders are by appointment only.

How to Surrender An Animal

We never charge a fee for surrenders, but we always appreciate donations!

Save lives! Please spay & neuter. 

Advocate for low-cost spay/neuter programs like HOPE Clinic, TNR services & full-access shelters in your community. Spay & neuter all pets, barn cats & animals who "chose you." Adopt, don't shop! Encourage your friends & family to do the same

Because pet overpopulation is such a challenge, we cannot guarantee every animal will find a home. We work hard to give each animal their best chance at adoption with the most time possible, but due to the extraordinary numbers of homeless animals we have to make the sorrowful decision to humanely euthanize some of them. We implore you to spay/neuter all animals in your care and do your part to reduce overpopulation. Every un-spayed cat with her offspring can produce 11,500,000+ kittens in less than a decade. A female dog and her offpsring can have 67,000 puppies in only 6 years. If you have unfixed animals, please schedule with HOPE Clinic, another veterinarian or a Rascal Unit

We never set a time frame for an animal. Each is evaluated based on their temperament, health, how well they are adjusting at the shelter & their potential for placement. In addition to receiving basic comforts like food, clean water, enrichment & proper handling, animals receive routine vaccinations, medical care and daily monitoring to ensure the entire population has the best possible outcomes.

Euthanasia is a compassionate, humane form of administering death. Whenever euthanasia takes place, we adhere to the highest of humane standards, and procedures are performed only by state-certified technicians.