Call before you intervene!

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Don't feed or handle wildlife unless instructed by an expert like WCHS.

Not all wildlife need to be rescued. More often than not the best thing you can do is leave wild animals alone. Call before you bring an animal or intervene in any way. 

Consult WCHS or another expert before doing anything. By calling, experts can help determine whether or not the animal needs assistance & explain the best course of action you can take.  Your county wildlife officer, district office or a local rehabilitator may be able to help. 

WCHS takes in almost any species of orphaned or injured wildlife, rehabilitating them whenever possible.  We are licensed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources/Division of Wildlife and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. 

Sadly, we aren't currently rehabilitating raccoons. Call before you bring any animals to WCHS. 

For information from the State of Ohio, 

visit OhioDNR.gov

or call 1-800-945-3543.

Injured or Sick Wildlife

Orphaned Wildlife

"Nuisance" Wildlife

Have you found a wild animal somewhere they shouldn't be like inside  your home, car or garage?